Upgrade 2018 Movie
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Upgrade Released on Blu-ray/DVD

Although it debuted in theaters just a few months ago, Upgrade will be released on Blu-ray and DVD today. With little advertising behind it and an indistinct name, you may not even remember this film. Take a look at the Upgrade Trailer to refresh your […]

The Matrix 4K Ultra HD
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The Matrix Released on 4K Ultra HD

Jurassic Park wasn’t the only high definition release today; The Matrix Was Released on 4K Ultra HD as well. While some 4K releases are low quality because they are basically just upsampled versions of the Blu-ray, The Matrix 4K UHD is the real deal—it is […]

Batman Ninja
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Batman Ninja Released on DVD & Blu-ray

Today, May 8, 2018, Batman Ninja was Released on DVD & Blu-ray. This feature-length animated film is an eye-popping anime display as Batman (along with many friends and enemies) travels across time to feudal Japan. Batman fanatics and anime afficionados will not want to miss […]