Star Wars The Mandalorian The Child Premium Plush Bundle

Star Wars The Child Premium Plush Bundle

If you just can’t get enough of the cute 50-year-old “baby Yoda” from The Mandalorian, you need to check out the Star Wars The Mandalorian The Child Premium Plush Bundle. It features an adorable 11″ plush “Baby Yoda” as well as a satchel like the one The Child is carried in during The Mandalorian Season 2.

While The Child looks adorable with its green skin, big ears, and large eyes, it can actually stand up and even has posable legs, arms, and ears. It even plays sounds from the show when you squeeze Grogu’s hand.

Fully embrace the cuteness of the 50-year-old Yoda™ species with this adorable 11-inch plush toy. He may look like a baby Yoda, but this lovable creature is referred to as the Child. Inspired by Lucasfilm live-action series, The Mandalorian™, this sweet Star Wars™ plush toy comes with a satchel like the one it’s carried in during Season 2. Toy has precious little feet that it can stand on, and its arms, legs and even ears are posable! And with just a squeeze of its hand, this character makes sounds recognizable from the show! This is a delightful gift set for any fan of The Mandalorian and the Star Wars™ galaxy. Colors and decorations may vary.

  • This 11-inch the Child plush toy will capture the hearts of Star Wars™ fans everywhere!
  • Inspired by the Lucasfilm series, The Mandalorian™, the adorable figure with green skin, big ears and large eyes is called the Child.
  • This delightful plush toy comes with a satchel like the one it carried in during Season 2. Take this sweet creature on the go!
  • The toy plush has adorable feet and can stand up! Legs, arms and even ears are posable, And squeeze the Child’s hand to hear sounds from the show!
  • Star Wars fans will love taking on the role of the Mandalorian bounty hunter to care for the Child as their own!

Purchase the Star Wars The Mandalorian The Child Premium Plush Bundle for $34.99 at Entertainment Earth. You can also find it at Walmart.


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  2. This is an amazing item for a child. My daughter absolutely loved her new toy and I could tell, it was because of the quality of the product. Guardians Of The Galaxy The toy is a must-have for any child’s collection and it is also a great present for a birthday.

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