Donkey Kong Barrel Mug

Donkey Kong Barrel Mug

While the previous Donkey Kong Barrel Mug looked pretty awesome, this Donkey Kong Barrel Mug is absolutely spectacular! Although quite similar in design, this one appears far more detailed and has a much cooler handle. It looks quite large, so even though it can’t hold […]

The Makita Power Tool Battery Coffee Maker

Makita Power Tool Battery Coffee Maker

Looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift? How about this Makita Power Tool Battery Coffee Maker CM501DZ. Perfect for home use or job site applications, this coffee maker is powered by Makita slide-on lithium-ion batteries…and it looks pretty cool too. The cordless design and carry […]

Star Wars Yoda Lamp

Star Wars Yoda Table Lamp

Looking for a bright idea? This officially licensed Star Wars Yoda Table Lamp could be just what you need. This collectible lamp showcases a cold-cast bronze sculpture of Master Yoda with hand-applied finishes to enhance subtle details in his appearance. Perfect for Star Wars fans […]

Satan's Blood Hot Sauce

Satan’s Blood Hot Sauce

Satan’s Blood Hot Sauce sits apart from other Hot Sauces because of the unique packaging and extreme heat. While there are a ton of different hot sauces available, often with witty, scary, or funny names, most come in relatively traditional bottles. Satan’s Blood is in […]


Stranger Fillings: A Parody Cookbook

If a Demogorgon-zola Tartlet sounds delicious, you need the Stranger Fillings: A Parody Cookbook. This hilarious parody cookbook, based on the hit Netflix series, Stranger Things, combines delectable recipes with funny puns and great pictures. Although the names and instructions are filled with jokes and […]