Star Wars BB-8 LED Light

August 2, 2016 Marty Shaw 0

No need to be strong in the Force and no cute droid-style thumbs-up required to shed a little light on things when you have the Star Wars BB-8 LED Light. Unlike his big screen counterpart, this little droid isn’t tasked with toting part of a […]


Buffy the Vampire Slayer Adult Coloring Book

July 25, 2016 Marty Shaw 0

Become the Chosen One – or something pretty darn close – with the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Adult Coloring Book… and make sure you have plenty of red crayons. You’re going to need them. Buffy, Willow, Xander, Giles, and the rest of the Sunnydale Scooby […]

The Time Travelers Handbook

The Time Traveler’s Handbook

June 19, 2016 Conner Flynn 0

Are you a time traveler? If so, you need this book. Please don’t make it so that I was never born. That’s all I ask. The Time Traveler’s Handbook will keep you on the right course. This book is a must-have if you’re going time […]


Barbie Star Trek 50th Anniversary Dolls

June 7, 2016 Marty Shaw 0

These three Barbie Star Trek 50th Anniversary Dolls are ready to boldly go where no Barbie has gone before. Barbie and Ken have cosplayed as Star Trek characters before, dressing in Star Trek uniforms, and there have been Star Trek Barbie dolls featuring the likenesses […]


DC Comics Scooby Apocalypse #1

May 22, 2016 Marty Shaw 0

It’s the end of the world as we know it as Fred, Daphne, Velma, Scooby Doo, and Shaggy experience new adventures in DC Comics Scooby Apocalypse #1. Following in the updated footsteps of DC Comics Wacky Raceland #1, Scooby Doo and the gang get a […]


Baby Nessie Tea Infuser

May 11, 2016 Marty Shaw 0

The Loch Ness Monster has arrived to add a little flavor to your life, or at least your tea, with the Baby Nessie Tea Infuser. So you’re rocking the Nessie Ladle when you whip up your culinary delights but that’s not nearly enough Loch Ness […]

World of Warcraft Ultimate Visual Guide Updated and Expanded Hardcover Book

World of Warcraft: Ultimate Visual Guide Hardcover Book

May 3, 2016 Conner Flynn 0

This World of Warcraft: Ultimate Visual Guide Updated and Expanded Hardcover Book will tell you all about World of Warcraft. Immerse yourself into the complex and unique world of the world’s largest multiplayer online role playing game. The book was created in close collaboration with […]

Wonder Woman Coloring Book

Wonder Woman Coloring Book

May 1, 2016 Conner Flynn 0

The Wonder Woman Coloring Book gives you the job of adding color to Wonder Woman’s adventures. Color it anyway you like and make her awesome. DC Comics’ Amazon princess stars in a new coloring book focusing on her greatest covers, splash pages, and more. They […]


Ultraman 50th Anniversary Edition Action Figure

April 19, 2016 Marty Shaw 0

Long before Pacific Rim, Earth was being defended from Kaiju by numerous “Ultramen.” Now you can celebrate that classic hero with the Ultraman 50th Anniversary Edition Action Figure. Superhero geeks who were children during the 70s usually had two must-watch titles on their television schedule […]