PUBG Frying Pan Replica

PUBG Foam Frying Pan Replica

Wield the ultimate melee weapon with this PUBG Foam Frying Pan Replica. At 14 inches, it’s a full size frying pan so it is perfect for cosplay or horseplay. It won’t deflect bullets like the one in the game, and it shouldn’t do any where […]

Minecraft Nintendo Switch Bedrock Engine
Game News

Minecraft Nintendo Switch Released

Today (June 21, 2018) Minecraft was released for the Nintendo Switch. While it has been available digitally from the Nintendo eShop since May 11, 2017, this is technically the first retail release because it is the first time it is available physically in stores. They […]

GRIP Video Game
Game News

GRIP Combat Racing Gameplay Trailer

Today, Caged Element released a new GRIP Combat Racing Gameplay Trailer, highlighting the ferocious speed and intense action in this hardcore combat racer. Inspired by the Rollcage games from 1999 and 2000, GRIP features intense driving on floors, walls, and ceilings with cars that can […]

Worlds Largest Pac-Man Game

The Worlds Largest Pac-Man Game

We’ve seen before that you can get your own Full-Size Pac-Man Arcade Machine, that’s nothing compared to The Worlds Largest Pac-Man. This massive arcade game stands nearly 9 feet tall and features a humongous 108″ LED screen. It is basically like playing a video game […]

Overwatch Loot Box Coin Bank

Deluxe Overwatch Loot Box Coin Bank

If you play Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch video game, you’re familiar with their loot boxes. Each are packed with 4 different special items like skins, voice lines, victory poses, graffiti tags, or in-game credits. In fact, just yesterday Blizzard released over 100 new skins and other […]