The Worlds Largest Pac-Man Game

Worlds Largest Pac-Man

We’ve seen before that you can get your own Full-Size Pac-Man Arcade Machine, that’s nothing compared to The Worlds Largest Pac-Man. This massive arcade game stands nearly 9 feet tall and features a humongous 108″ LED screen. It is basically like playing a video game on a billboard.

It is made by Bandai Namco, the company behind the original 1980 Pac-Man video game, so you know it’s authentic. However, this one extends the original programming by offering an innovative 2 player mode, where two people play simultaneously to cooperatively complete the maze.

Standing nearly 9′-tall with a 108″ LED screen, this is the world’s largest Pac-Man game. Made by Bandai Namco, designer of the original Pac-Man arcade video game in 1980, the enlarged console is built to enable simultaneous two-person play, yet remain reminiscent of the original arcade models.

Complete with the original programming, the game recreates the glowing maze, pac dots, ghosts, and yellow chomping hero in exact detail on the LED display as the integrated speakers produce the game’s classic sounds.

A pair of four-way joysticks and buttons provide authentic control as two players navigate the maze, dodge Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde, and gobble up pac-pellets. The console pedestal is decorated with full-color interactive LED lights that illuminate in synchronization with gameplay action. Optional coin-door.

Buy the Worlds Largest Pac-Man Arcade Game at Hammacher Schlemmer for $11,000.

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