Pac-Man Oven Mitt

Pac-Man Hotheads Oven Mitt

We all know that Pac-Man’s favorite snacks are power pellets and ghosts, but it’s not like he’s about to turn down piping-hot goods straight out of the oven. With a mouth as big as his body, his pie hole is ready for anything. That’s why our nostalgic buddy makes the perfect Pac-Man HotHead Oven Mitt.

When it gets too hot in the kitchen, Pac-Man doesn’t take a hike. He turns into silicone and protects your hands and fingertips from painful burns while you take your pizzas, casseroles, and cookies out of the oven.

Pacman Oven Mitt

Cloth oven mitts usually work fine as far as handling hot dishes and stuff go, but silicone is all the rage right now. Silicone gives a better grip, is easier to clean, doesn’t burn at high temperatures and isn’t bulky. Speaking of good grips, the inside of Pac-Man’s mouth is textured in the grid-like design of the Pac-Man game screen, with pellets and maze lines providing friction and texture.  The top of the mitt also has Pac-Man-shaped eyes for decor.

When you have Pac-Man silicone oven mitts, locating the mitts won’t be such a chore thanks to Pac-Man’s bright canary yellow color.

The Pac-Man HotHead Oven Mitt is $14.99 at For best results, you might want to buy two.

The Pac-Man kitchen fun doesn’t stop here. We’ve also posted some great Pac-Man kitchen gadgets, such as Pac-Man Cookie Cutters and the Pac-Man Ice Cube Tray. After you gobble up your fresh-baked cookies and chase it down with an ice-cold beverage, you’ll want to snuggle up with the fuzzy Pac-Man Fleece Blanket, or better yet, the Pac-Man Snuggie.

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  1. Looooove! I was looking for a cool gift for my Dad who is an old school video game freak and just happens to be the head baker for the White House. He really digs funny gifts and I know he’s gonna love this Pacman oven mitt. I also picked up a set of Atari pint glasses @ Can’t wait to see his face.

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