The HoodiePillow Case

Sometimes when you are lying on your pillow you really miss your hoodie. Sometimes when you are in your hoodie, you miss your pillow. The HoodiePillow Case brings them together so you can have the best of both worlds. This hoodie/pillow case is made of […]


Spider-Man and Venom Pint Glasses

Are your spider senses tingling yet? They should be, because these Spider-Man and Venom Pint Glasses are pretty sweet. You get one pint glass in red and one in black. Both featuring Spidey’s face. This pair of two individual pint glasses is spectacular. Amazing…and other […]

Spaceship Blinds Millenium Falcon

Spaceship Blinds

You can become the commander of some of the most iconic ships that every existed with Spaceship Blinds, while blocking out the rays of the hot sun at the same time. Maybe the vastness of space won’t be yours to explore, but you’ll still be […]


Star Wars Car Wrap Graphics

Get ready to transform your beat-up daily driver into something much cooler. The Star Wars Car Wrap Graphics allow you to cover your car in awesome Star Wars designs. Choose from Darth Vader, R2-D2 or X-Wing & TIE Fighter designs. Each graphic is specially manufactured […]


Smart PJ’s

Sleepwear, smartphones, reading, and family time all come together with Smart PJ’s, the “World’s first and only interactive Pajamas” that let your jammies decide on the bedtime story you’ll be reading to the little ones. Similar to the QR codes that appear on almost everything […]


Binary Blankets

Ever seen binary code converted into an image file and thought it would make a great artsy-looking blanket? Probably not but someone was inspired by the idea and came up with Binary Blankets, offering a unique and eye-catching way to chase away the chill when […]


Superman Rubber Symbol Earphones

Let the Man of Steel pump some tunes through your ear holes with these awesome Superman Rubber Symbol Earphones. The Superman symbol is displayed proudly so that you will have one on each ear. These earphones are compatible with any 3.5mm stereo plug, which includes […]


Spider-Man Mask Necklace

We all need a good piece of geek jewelry and this Spider-Man Mask Necklace is a good one. It shows everyone that you are a web-head and asupporter of Spidey. This nicely detailed Marvel Comics collectible is shaped just like Spidey’s red mask. It makes […]


BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer

Get ready for the brave new world of social imbibing. This BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer takes your alcohol soaked breath and shares it with others. It will track your Blood Alcohol Count, share your drinking habits, and so much more! It’s a great way to prove […]