Smart PJ’s

Interactive Kids Pajamas

Sleepwear, smartphones, reading, and family time all come together with Smart PJ’s, the “World’s first and only interactive Pajamas” that let your jammies decide on the bedtime story you’ll be reading to the little ones.

Similar to the QR codes that appear on almost everything these days, a digital code is hidden within the patterns on the pajamas. Just scan the pattern with your smartphone to see what bedtime story will be unlocked for you to read.

There’s no word on whether boys will get different stories than girls, but I’d guess there is some variety in reading material since the patters/codes are different.

Smart PJs

Age ranges for the PJ’s cover ages 1 to 8, offering plenty of time to enjoy the interactive story time with your little tykes. Just make sure to remember the pattern you scan when you stumble upon a story they deem their favorite because you know you’ll be revisiting that one over and over again.

Smart PJ’s for both boys and girls are available for $25 (reg. $50) at Smart PJ’s.


  1. This is such a terrible concept and design.

    Clearly the person that came up with this thought “how can I shorten story time more than I already have but using my smart phone rather than books”

    Lazy parenting and lazy design..

  2. The answer is simple; they are giveaway codes that will allow you to purchase in-game items without actually having to pay for them! They are used by many users as a means of exchanging their hard earned money for in-game codes that can be redeemed for virtual currency which can then be used within the game.

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