Star Wars R2-D2 Toddler/Little Kid Crocs

August 1, 2014 Marty Shaw 0

May the Force be with your feet with the Star Wars R2-D2 Toddler/Little Kid Crocs, letting the most dependable droid in the whole galaxy take care of the hardest working part of the body. Designed with iconic elements of R2-D2, including a permanent Jibbitz charm […]


Smart PJ’s

April 29, 2013 Marty Shaw 1

Sleepwear, smartphones, reading, and family time all come together with Smart PJ’s, the “World’s first and only interactive Pajamas” that let your jammies decide on the bedtime story you’ll be reading to the little ones. Similar to the QR codes that appear on almost everything […]

How to Traumatize Your Children

How to Traumatize Your Children Book

June 8, 2012 Hazel Chua 0

Kids bring joy and stress into the lives of many parents and sometimes you need to have a good laugh at their expense. A fun and harmless way to do it is to simply display the How to Traumatize Your Children Book somewhere that they […]

Child Piloted Tumbler

Child Piloted Tumbler

April 21, 2012 Marty Shaw 0

Just in case you don’t think your kids are destructive enough, you can now put them in the Child Piloted Tumbler and watch the neighborhood chaos ramp up to near apocalyptic proportions. Okay, maybe letting the little ones roll around in an inflatable honeycomb structure […]

Giant Dr Seuss Wall Decals

Giant Dr. Seuss Wall Decals

March 7, 2012 Patra Beaulieu 0

Can you buy them at the mall? Would you stick them on your wall? Would you put ’em here or there? Would you leave them everywhere? Say, you like these Giant Dr. Seuss Wall Decals, man. You do, you like them Sam I Am! To […]

Crawlings Knee Pads

Crawlings Knee Pads

January 24, 2012 Hazel Chua 1

Baby’s got to crawl, but you can make it less painful and a whole lot more comfortable for them with these Crawlings Knee Pads. I’m sure you’ve done some crawling as an adult and know how uncomfortable it is, especially if your knees happen to […]

I'm As Big As Height Chart

I’m As Big As Height Chart

August 29, 2011 Hazel Chua 0

When me and my sisters were little, our mother would measure our heights and mark it off on this wall in our house to document our progress. That wall with the measurements is still in our home and it definitely brings back a lot of […]

Vespa Scooter Retro Rocker Blue

Vespa Scooter Retro Rocker

May 29, 2011 James Kelly 0

We all know rockers are important in helping toddlers develop fine motor skills, but now they can do it in style.  The Vespa Scooter Retro Rocker helps your kid look cool while trying to figure out what all his or her limbs are up to.  […]


USB Teddy Bear

June 10, 2009 Robert Birming 5

The Smart E Bear lets you connect him to your computer via USB. Then, once you have synced him with the downloadable software, he will start talking to your kid – by name.

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Space Shuttle Bunk Bed

May 15, 2008 Robert Birming 8

Ok, so you have the 10,000 Star Planetarium, the Space Explorer Lamp and the Astronaut Ice Cream. What could possibly be missing to make your cosmic life complete? Yes, of course – a space shuttle bunk bed.

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Rocket Lamp

October 2, 2007 Robert Birming 3

This wonderful lamp has been placed in the Children’s Ceiling Lights category over at Maybe that’s the “correct” choice, although I would love to have it hanging in just about any room.