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Batman Cufflinks

We have already featured a bunch of superhero cufflinks here at GeekAlerts, like Captain America, Wolverine Spiderman and Superman, so let’s throw in a nice Batman pair as well. Each pair is made of finely polished platinum/rhodium alloy to ensure optimum smoothness of surface. Comes […]


Nintendo DS Chocolate Case

Yes, you have probably seen them before; the chocolate inspired cases – like this one for iPod Shuffle or this one for iPhones and iPods. The latest addition to this yummy line of cases is one for the Nintendo DS Lite handheld game console. A […]


Artillery USB Hub

This 3-port hub – unfortunately, only supporting the USB 1.1 standard, looks like an artillery gun. When you it into the USB port, there will be three seconds long artillery sound effect. Artillery USB Hub Artillery design with 3 seconds clear artillery sound effect 3 […]


New USB Turntable from Ion

This latest USB turntable model from Ion is quite similar to the one from Veho that was released last year. Simply plug it into the nearest USB port and you are ready to start converting your old vinyls to digital files.