Monkey USB Speakers

if you don’t like the soft touch of the Plush Monkey USB Speakers, here’s an alternative that might suit you better. Or, use them together with the Monkey USB Webcam with Pen Holder. Features: Recharged by USB Built-in rechargeable Lithium Ion battery Simple, just plug-in, […]

No Picture

LED Flashlight with Universal Charger

This small flashlight gets its bright withe light from an energy-smart, long-lasting light-emitting-diode. It also doubles as an emergency charger, allowing you to charge just about any cell phone, MP3 player or other digital product using the included adapters.


Dog Stapler

Dog staplers come in all different kind of shapes and sizes. We have covered one earlier here at GeekAlerts and you might also have seen this other model. If that’s not enough, now you have yet another one to choose from. When this dog bites, […]