Leyio Sharing Device – Now Available

Leyio Wireless Sharing Device

You might have heard about the Leyio “personal sharing device” earlier this year. Now, about 6 months later, this wireless portable flash drive is available in the stores.

Leyio’s PSD is a high speed module that transmits information between devices via Ultra-Wideband* (UWB) technology rather than wi-fi. With 16GB Flash memory, you can send digital content (photos, mp3s, movies, business cards, business files and web links) to other Leyio’s at a literal flick of a wrist – no, really! The device will be one of the first to utilise UWB in the commercial market. And since the information you store on the Leyio PSD is likely to be both personal and private – forgetful civil servants take note – a fingerprint scanner (ensuring you are the only person who can access the content) makes this far more secure than any other portable storage device.

With a single, sweeping movement, you can exchange digital information with another Leyio – whether you’re out at the shops, walking down the street or in a business meeting – at remarkable speeds of up to 10MB/s*. A photo of around 3MB can be exchanged in just 0.3 seconds and a personal movie in around 20 seconds, while business cards and web links can be received by another Leyio device almost instantaneously.

Leyio Wireless Sharing Device

There’s no problem if you want to exchange information with a friend who doesn’t own a Leyio device –the Leyio features a USB port, allowing you to share files between your PSD and a regular USB stick. The Leyio also features a detachable “Shuttle”, which can be used in the same way as a USB stick, allowing you to transfer files directly from your Leyio to a friend’s computer, quickly and securely.

The Leiyo is available in three colors: Mirror Black, Ice Grey and Bubblegum Pink. The product is yours for £129.95 (about $212 USD) from the Firebox.com website.

Reader Information:
*Ultra-wideband (UWB) is a radio technology with which short or medium-range communications can be made with low power consumption. UWB has notably been utilised in radar, tracking and precision locating. Since UWB operates at a very low energy, it causes less interference than other radio-network solutions and is a strong contender for becoming the preferred technology for the wireless home and office.

**Based on Leyio/Leyio transfers at 3-5 meters

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  1. Dont bother buying.. not happy with this leyio as there web site videos dont work and so you have no instructions and user manuals as it does not come with any

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