Radio ACE Vintage Radio Kit

Radio ACE Vintage Radio Kit
One for the fans of DIY hardware. The Radio ACE Vintage Radio Kit ($100) lets you “build a nostalgic radio with a real vacuum tube and explore the airwaves as they did in the 1930’s”.

Assembling this radio is a fun project for radiomen, tinkers and gadget-buffs of all ages. Once your radio is up and running, hunting for radio transmissions becomes a fun challenge. While learning how the radio works, you will discover the fundamental parts of electrical circuits.

The radio is pre-wired for easy assembly. Users need only to plug in the various components, attach an antenna and a ground wire, and make tuning adjustments to get the radio working. The wooden base is beautifully finished with a polished cherry stain and golden labels for an authentic look. The vacuum tube glows with a soft orange glow when you are using it!

Instructions, experiments and additional configurations for the radio are described in the 32-page full-color experiment manual. A double triode allows for experiments with different circuits. Just switch the coils to tap into different wave bands: one coil for AM frequencies and one for shortwave.

Radio ACE Vintage Radio Kit


  1. I have one of these new in the box unopened. It will be on ebay today if anyone is interested. I have one already assembled, really cool to use!!!

  2. Why don’t you build your own electron tube radio? or amplifier? don’t need others to do it for you because you will learn nothing that way. read Richard McWhorter, for example. and also Eugene Aisberg and Michael Konteschweller and Titus Konteshweller.

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