10 USB Gadgets to Help You Through the Winter

USB Winter Gadgets

As winter continues to creep up on us, the days are getting colder and colder. But don’t worry. This year you’ll be able to sit by your computer and laugh it all away. Here’s a list of 10 USB gadgets to help you prepare for the upcoming winter season.

1. USB Heating Shoes

USB Heating Shoes

These heating shoes can be powered using USB or an external battery pack. It comes with 2 battery boxes that can provide power for your shoes when you leave home.

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2. USB Mousepad Warmer

USB Mousepad Warmer

This USB mousepad warmer will keep your hand warm during those cold winter times, increasing your productive or the reaction when you are playing your favorite game.

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3. USB Eye Warmer

USB Eye Warmer

Here is something useful for those annoying moments when you’re suffering from both hypothermia and computer vision syndrome – say hello to the USB eye warmer.

Read more about the eye warmer » (Update: Link removed because the website is gone.)

4. USB Mouse with Infrared Heater

USB Mouse with Infrared Heater

Plug this infrared heated mouse into the USB port of your computer and the generator inside will gradually go up to a pleasant temperature of 40-45°C (104-113°F).

Read more about the mouse » (Update: Link removed because the website is gone.)

5. USB Heating Blanket

USB Heating Blanket

This soft blanket is doing a great job defrosting your cold body with its built-in warming pad. It will generate a temperature of around 35°C from the power of a USB port.

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6. USB Animal Hand Warmer and Massager

USB Animal Hand Warmer and Massager

These animal inspired USB-powered combo gadgets can help you with two things: heating up your frozen fingers and loosen those unwanted muscle tensions.

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7. USB Heated Gloves

USB Heated Gloves

These USB gloves are made of wool and guaranteed to keep your precious computer fingers in good shape when the snow is falling down outside your office window.

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8. USB Monkey Slipper

USB Monkey Slipper

With this USB monkey slipper you don’t need to worry about cold feets anymore. Simply plug the chord into a USB port to start heating up your cozy footwear.

Read more about the slipper » (Update: Link removed because the website is gone.)

9. USB Keyboard with Cooler and Heater

USB Keyboard with Cooler and Heater

A switch at the front of this keyboard makes it easy to go from cooler to heater, and a wheel at the side lets you set the intensity of the fan to make the air hotter or colder.

Read more about the keyboard » (Update: Link removed because the website is gone.)

10. USB Monkey Hands Warmer

USB Monkey Hands Warmer

A pair of gloves that goes perfect together with the monkey slipper. Now you can keep both hands and feet warm with the same kind of fun and geeky animal theme.

Read more about the hands warmer » (Update: Link removed because the website is gone.)


    • EMF radiation: This causes cancer. And electric blanket is the worst as its all over your body for hours a night. These are not as bad but would anybody in their right mind take a chance? Want heat for your mouse/keyboard? Just get a box (insulate it is better by draping a quilt over it) and put it over your keyboard and mouse. Your skin radiates a lot of heat. All you have to do is contain it. Even better: line the box with styrofoam inside. It should be closed on all sides except for where your hands go in. Drape the quilt over the front to contain that. Make sure you have something insulating below as well. Any closed cell foam works fine. Most people have this stuff lying around the house so it won’t cost a penny. And it won’t kill you like cancer.

      • what if i want cancer?
        Or better yet, why not used these items that are meant for use in the office at home for all night! Nothing can go wrong 😛

      • Low/Mid Frequency EMF are in the non-ionizing portion of the spectrum and have not shown to damage DNA or cellular structure directly (Therefore do not cause cancer). These are things like the microwave, magnetic fields from powerlines or appliances, radio waves, and infrared radiation.

        High Frequency EMF (such as xrays, gamma rays, and some cosmic radiation)are in the ionizing portion of the spectrum and can/will cause damage.

        Extremely Low Frequency EMF are things like the wires in heated blankets, and those will not cause damage.

  1. These gadgets all look great! I wish I could buy them all. I have a medical condition which causes my body temperature to run cold. These items would really help. As it is I’m going to buy what I can.

    Probably keyboard warmer, mouse warmer..lots of computer things.

    Thanks to whoever found these…….


  2. Nice. USB heaters for everyone, considering how we all are glued to the computer all the time nowadays. Might as well make the experience better this winter.

  3. Now let me think – USB – 5 volts 500ma maximum – so that means these wonderous heating devices provide less heat than a torch. Hmmm… think I’ll give them a pass.

  4. You and your gadgets.. How about putting on those slippers we always use instead? wtf do you need all this crap for? Buying something completely unnecessary and then throwing it away for the same reason – it is unnecessary.

    You make me sick!

  5. Lol @ all these things! Wouldn’t it be easier to just turn the heater up? Anyone who buys these should try working outside for a day during winter to find out what real cold is!

  6. LOL, I like the mousepad warmer there… I’ve actually had my hands get so cold before that I can barely type! My joints get all stiff and I make a bunch of typos. Could be worth looking in to!

  7. Haha some of those are to be laughed at, I wonder if they actually do the job as you don’t get a great deal of power from a USB port and a source of heat usually takes quite a lot of power up.

  8. Why do the gloves have to be in wool. Wool makes me itch like crazy. I’d be scratching like crazy the whole time? I wonder if I could find some silk gloves to line them with?

  9. i need a knee cap , like heating gloves, for my knee but in should be battery operated , and can be used while walking

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