Bunny Love USB Heated Seat Cushion

Bunny Love USB Heated Seat Cushion

In the past, we showed you a beary nice USB heated seat cushion. Now you can have a Bunny Love USB Heated Seat Cushion that will keep your cotton tail as toasty warm as your computer.

Anyone with heated car seats understands how hard is to settle for non-heated seats again. To continue living life in comfort and warmth at the office, all you have to do is plug in a heated seat cushion to your USB port. It could have two effects; making you so cozy that you fall asleep or alleviating discomfort so that you’re more productive.

USB Heating Cushion and Seat Warmer

Those cold nights spent shivering in front of your computer are no more, stay nice and warm this winter season with this USB Heated Cushion and Seat Warmer.

Powered by a simple plug-and-play USB connection, this USB Heated Cushion and Seat Warmer is the easiest way to stay warm during those cold days and nights. A thin, flexible carbon fiber infrared heating element within the cushion radiates soothing heat to warm you from the bottom up, leaving your whole body nice and comfortable. The element is surrounded by a comfortable padding and 2 straps on the side, which are used to tie the cushion to your chair.

  • USB Heated Cushion and Seat Warmer
  • Plug and play USB
  • Cute rabbit design
  • The easiest way to keep warm this Winter
  • Perfect as a gift
  • Maximum temperature of 42 degrees Celsius

USB Heated Cushion

How can you resist the sleepy black bunny set against the bright-red background?  The bunny has “love” written on its ear, which works as a subliminal message. This cushion is highly at risk of being stolen from you, so you wanna be sure to lock it up at night.

Speaking of steal, the Bunny Love USB Heated Seat Cushion is a bargain at only $3.63 CAD from Chinavision.

Are your fingers cold when you type on the keyboard? Plug in the USB Toast Hand Warmers into your other USB port.

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