Gadgets Solar Charger Vest

Gadgets Solar Charger Vest

This vest, described as a “fusion of fashion and technology”, allows you to make sure that all of your precious gadgets are fully charge when you are on the move.

The CVFR-S09 Solar Vest is designed for your comfort and convenience. It comes with big storage pockets for holding tools or camera equipment and includes a battery pack + cables and connectors for all of today’s popular portable electronics. The vest’s canvas is soft but durable and the stitching is second to none.

The vest’s 4 solar panels are laminated to be truly weatherproof, so you don’t have to change this vest just because the weather is bad. You can also detach the solar panels and place them in sunlight while you are working inside a cave or shaded terrain.

While you walk outside, the four solar panels on the back of the vest absorb solar energy and store it in a high-capacity battery located in the front left pocket. When your cell phone or other gadget needs power, just plug it into the battery and let it charge. Simple as that!

Gadgets Solar Charger Vest


  • Primary Function: Solar Battery + Charger Vest for Portable Electronics
  • Four Solar Panels (Capacity: 8,800mAh, Solar panel: 6W, Voltage: 3.7V)
  • Inputs and Ports: AC Input Port, USB Power Input, DC Output 1, DC Output 2
  • Switches: On/Off, Voltage Adjust
  • Light Indicators: Green: Power more than 80%; Orange: Power between 30% and 70%; Red: Power less than 30%
  • Connectors: 8 Power Connectors & 7 Device Connectors
  • Color: Black and brown
  • Pockets: 8 front pockets, 1 back pocket
  • Zipper and Velcro fastener
  • Portable Battery Charger Dimensions: L:120 x W:70 x D:22 (mm)
  • Solar Panel Dimensions: L:135 x W:60 (mm)
  • Vest Dimensions: L:600 x W:600 (mm)

Gadgets Solar Charger Vest

The Solar Vest – Solar Battery + Charger for Portable Electronics is available over at the Chinavasion website. The price has been set to $140 USD.


  1. I have been a long time proponent of utilizing alternative energy, and I have to say Solar Battery Chargers have come in so handy when I am traveling, they are worth their weight in gold! Get some for yourself and see what I mean!

  2. I’m such a sucker for novelty cases– and of course I love chocolate! If I had a Nintendo DS I would totally buy this.

  3. I think this is a really neat idea. Although maybe a little pricy, this product is very cool. I love all the solar charging devices and own many. This technology is the RIGHT direction and we should all be doing our share. Not everyone can afford and/or have the room for powering their homes but we can all utilize the solar gadgets that are currently out there, with more to come.

  4. There are some very good uses for solar power gadgets, but there are some pretty awful ones as well.

    There are some great solar gadgets that I wouldn’t be without – I have a solar battery charger that charges up my batteries for my MP3 player and my childrens toys. The charger just sits in a sunny window and whenever I want some batteries, I know they’re fully charged. Wonderful.

    But there are also some pretty awful gadgets out there as well which defy logic.

  5. Well this sounds good but if it is sunny out than you will want to not wear a jacket, but you would want to wear a jacket in a cold location (which may not have sun all the time).

    I guess this is why it is a Geek Alert…

  6. This was a very good idea.I’m very interesting. This vest is not only fashionable look, but also multi-functional. Could still stylish, equipped with any gadget without having to fear losing power. Is this sold in Indonesia?

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