Solar JOOS Orange Portable Charger

Solar JOOS Orange Portable Charger

Most of the time we can trust electricity to juice up our beloved electronics and gadgets. But it’s during those desperate moments, when electrical power goes AWOL, that we start to wonder if we should maybe place our bets elsewhere…like on a more obvious power source that’s more accessible and plentiful. The Solar JOOS Orange Portable Charger gets you off the grid, so that you and all your gizmos can go anywhere.

myJOOS Computer Software

Since the Solar JOOS charger looks like a mini solar panel (and a rather simple one in design), one glance at the device will not provide the details or feedback regarding the levels of power your phone is getting. However, myJOOS Computer Software lets you access the status of your electronics as well as how much solar power the charger has collected from the sun. Is that a pie graph I see there? Yep, that’s geeky.

Solar JOOS Orange Portable Power Charger

Solar JOOS Orange Box Includes:

  • JOOS Orange (Version 2) portable solar charger
  • USB connector and charging cable (white)
  • Device charging cable (black)
  • Device adapter tips: Micro USB, mini USB, standard female USB and connectors for LG, Samsung, iPhone/iPad
  • User guide and warranty

This is a list of things the Solar JOOS can charge:
Cell Phone, Smart Phone, Satellite Phone, iPad, iPod, iPhone, MP4 Player, Digital Camera, Video Camera, GPS Unit, Portable Game Device, Kindle, USB Radio, DVD Player, LED Light, Night Vision Goggles, Low Wattage Fan, Low Wattage Heater, Small Medical Refrigerator, Water Purification System

Solar chargers for portable devices have been around for several years now, but what makes Solar JOOS a stellar choice is that it’s built for the rugged situations we humans find ourselves in. If you have spring fever and can’t wait to get outdoors, the JOOS practically begs you to take it with. It’s waterproof and ultra-durable so you don’t have to freak out about it getting destroyed. They even tried to pop a cap in it and found that it still worked.

The second main reason to buy Solar JOOS is that your devices get more power more quickly compared to other solar charger competitors. The company claims that an iPhone 3G charged on the JOOS for one hour will yield two hours of talk time, and overall lets you talk up to 20 times longer compared to other solar chargers on the market.

Solar JOOS Orange is available for $147.99 at It can also be purchased for $149 direct from and is also available at

Another interesting charger comes in the form of a camp stove. The BioLite CampStove Gadget Charger gives geeks the power to survive in the wilderness. Living la vida loca is when you’ve got your phone, some s’mores, wieners, and a heat source.

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