Multifunctional Solar Charger

Multifunctional Digital Solar Charger

This multifunctional solar charger will not only be able to charge handheld devices like cell phones, MP3 players etc., it also comes with a built-in LED flashlight, UV money checker and an FM radio.

Multifunctional Digital Solar Charger:

  • Wide applicability: The solar charger can charge different types of digital products since its output voltage is adjustable.
  • Multifunction: Other than charging, the digital solar charger can also be used as a FM Radio, Flashlight (2 x White LED) and Ultraviolet (UV) Money Checker light.
  • Large capacity, but small volume.
  • The protection system is designed perfectly, to protect your expensive digital products.
  • High circulation life-span: Greater than 500 times.

Multifunctional Digital Solar Charger

Package include:

  • Multifunctional Digital Solar Charger x 1
  • Connecting adaptors for brands mobile phones x 6 (Support mobile phone like Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and any PDA Phone with 5 Pins Mini USB)
  • DC Adapter x 1
  • 5 PIN USB cable x 1
  • Flexible Cable x 1
  • Earphone x 1
  • Hang Rope x 1

The Multifunctional Digital Solar Charger ($46) is available from


  1. “High circulation life-span: Greater than 500 times.”

    If they are referring to charge-discharge cycles (I’m using proper battery industry lingo, the above quotation is not), then I say “Not acceptable”. The weakest cycle life of secondary battery technologies is usually NiCd; since NiCds can do thousands of cycles, there is something really wrong here.

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