Hello Kitty iPhone Solar Charger

Hello Kitty iPhone Solar Charger

We have written about a Hello Kitty Solar Charger for Your Gadgets in the past, but this new model is specifically designed to be used with Apple’s iPhone 4/3G(S) smartphones and their iPod media player.

This latest release features a more obvious Hello Kitty inspired design, where the whole cap has been designed like the head of the Japanese red bow wearing bobtail cat, looking up behind the charger.

It only weighs 30 grams, so it is extremely convenient and easy to carry around. Plus, this charger has enough power to add Up to 7 hours of audio time, while adding up to 75 minutes of talking time.

Hello Kitty iPhone Solar Charger

By Solar Power
Make sure the solar panel of the charger charm is facing the sun. Once the charging process starts, the red LED lamp located on the side of the charger will light up to indicate that it is being charged. Once it is fully charged, the LED light will turn off. When it is sunny outside and the solar panel is directly facing the sun, it will take approximately 7-14 hours.

By placing one end of the USB/AC cable (not included with the charger), and connecting the other end to either your USB port or the AD adaptor, the charger charm starts getting charged up. Once the charging process begins, the red LED lamp lights up. It takes approximately 1 hour to fully charge your charger.

Hello Kitty iPhone Solar Charger

The Hello Kitty iPhone Solar Charger measures approximately 7(H) x 4(W) x 1.6(D) cm and it will charge your iPhone in about 45 minutes. The product, which will start shipping in the middle of December, can be pre-ordered from Strapya World for $29.

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