Crawlings Knee Pads

Crawlings Knee Pads

Baby’s got to crawl, but you can make it less painful and a whole lot more comfortable for them with these Crawlings Knee Pads. I’m sure you’ve done some crawling as an adult and know how uncomfortable it is, especially if your knees happen to come across a stray pebble or object that will make you yelp in pain.

Well, now you can protect the knees of your little one with these knee pads. They’re made from 80% premium cotton, 15% rayon, and 5% spandex, so it’s stretchable, soft, and extremely comfy on your tot’s knees. The center of the pads have been fitted with a lightweight polymer cushion for further protection.


Crawlings Knee Pads

From pebbles to rough rugs, the world is full of obstacles and little ones on the move need all the help they can get. These baby knee pads are designed to help protect youngsters as they make their first scoots and steps up until they’re ready to run and explore the great big world around them! Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, these adorable bandage-themed knee pads keep your baby’s soft knees from getting bumped, bruised, and scratched.

The Crawlings Knee Pads is available from Uncommon Goods for $20.

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  1. This is cute, but you can’t compare the adult experience of crawling to that of a young one. Different physiology. Crawling is a natural part of the little one’s developmental process.

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