His and Hers Tongue Scrapers

His & Her Tongue Scrapers

If you’re a fan of that hit comedy show How I Met Your Mother, then you might have probably seen that episode where Lily and Marshall, the “attached-to-the-hip” couple of the show, admit that they actually shared a toothbrush. It’s kind of gross, right, even if they are deeply in love and married and all that?

So for hygiene’s sake and to remove tongue fur, you can get this set of His and Hers Tongue Scrapers. It’s adorable and sweet, in its own little way. And if you do happen to share a tongue scraper with your partner, then now is the best time to go your separate ways–for your tongue’s sake, that is.

His and Hers Tongue Scrapers

Unless you’re an Eskimo who really needs tongue fur? That’s why the His & Her Tongue Scrapers is a must for a healthy, oral hygiene oriented relationship. For the mercy of all that’s good, please tongue scrape in privacy from your partner. Trust me on this tongue fur is not a picked bouquet of roses. Each colorful, illustrated card contains two 7″ long plastic scrapers, one red and one blue as not to cause any confusion.

The His and Hers Tongue Scrapers are available from Baron Bob’s for $4.95.

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