Doctor Who Blink and You’re… T-Shirt

Doctor Who Blink and Youre Shirt

Aside from the fact that statues coming to life is creepy, the Weeping Angels are popular Whovian villains because of their speed, and the Doctor Who Blink and You’re… T-Shirt does a pretty good job of recreating just how fast a deadly stone angel can appear in front of you.

In the universe of Doctor Who, you see a statue across the courtyard. Blink. Now it’s only a few feet from you, covering that large distance in the blink of an eye. Blink. Now you’re dead.

In the real universe, you see someone wearing a black t-shirt with a Weeping Angel in the classic ‘face covered’ pose. You blink… and someone turns out the lights. Now the Angel is reaching for you, fangs bared.

Freaky? Let’s just say you probably won’t be sleeping with your closet door open after this tee becomes a part of your wardrobe.

Doctor Who Blink and Youre T-Shirt

Both the regular art and the glow-in-the-dark art were created by the artist known as Wakho.

The Doctor Who Blink and You’re… T-Shirt is available for $15 at Shirt Woot.

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