His/Her Goblets

His & Her Goblets

There’s a man and woman in every couple, and we’re not talking about genders here. Sometimes, it’s the women who wears the pants in the relationship and sometimes it’s the man. The same goes for same-sex couples. Every couple is different of course, so some partnerships may more or less even out. But for those that aren’t, then the His/Her Goblets are a fun way to celebrate that difference.

So who’s the one who’s always smiling or keeping the peace? Who’s the talker between the two of you? And which half of the couple always has a lot of things to say? Let your individual personalities shine through with the His/Her Goblets.

His/Her Goblets

While other wine glasses may hide most of your mug – letting your eyes do all the talking – Michael Terra’s quirky goblets give the drinker complete expression by completing, well, their expression! Inspired by the stories we share when we have drinks together, these hand-sculpted goblets are crafted to finish the drinker’s face while continuing the conversation. Each goblet is infused with unique personality – the layered fingerprints on the surface of the finished piece show where the artist pressed into the clay to form the cheek, nose and mouth unique to each goblet. With goblets this animated, you’re sure to inspire a new story – or just a snicker – with every sip.

The His/Her Goblets are available from Uncommon Goods for $98.

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