That’s No Moon Ale T-Shirt

That's No Moon Ale T-Shirt

It’s the drink that will make you feel like the planet is being destroyed right beneath your feet. The That’s No Moon Ale T-Shirt shows what happened to all those Stormtroopers and Imperial officers after the Emperor was defeated – they opened the Battlestation Brewing Company and started making booze. Apparently, there were a lot of former Imperial officers who needed to drown their sorrows.

The main thing I like about this shirt is that the artist, Blair J. Campbell, really nailed the style because the image does actually look like a label you’d get from a craft beer maker or home brewer. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this sitting on a shelf at the store while out grocery shopping.

That's No Moon Ale Shirt

The That’s No Moon Ale T-Shirt is available for $20 at

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