The Beer Machine

The Beer Machine

With Oktoberfest coming up, it’s time to celebrate the incredible world of beer. Lots of people are getting into home brewing, but some shy away from it due to the many steps involved and worse, the lengthy waiting process. When you have the Beer Machine, producing 2.6 gallons of homemade beer (~28 standard cans of beer or 17 pints) is as easy as adding H2O and waiting one week. Plus, you’ll be saving money and gaining prestigious home brewer bragging rights.

The Beer Making Machine

The Beer Machine

  • Built for years of service, the Beer Machine includes:
  • A custom pressure gauge to indicate brew quality, carbonation level, and dispensing pressure
  • A carbonation unit and pressure relief system for maintaining optimal brewing conditions
  • One Brewers Select premium beer mix
  • Yeast, CO2 bulbs, de-foamer disk
  • Brewing Guide

Designed by professional brewers, everything you need to make beer is available in the kit. Sometimes it’s just better to rely on the experts.

After you exhaust the first batch of brew, which will probably happen quite rapidly, you can purchase other mixes to experiment with different kinds of beer. The Beer Machine website offers a variety of mixes to choose from.

The barrel is designed to fit on refrigerator shelves, so when it’s time for the official taste test your sample will be ice cold. (That’s how North Americans like it at least.) Don’t forget to put on your German Oktoberfest Apron when you’re ready to serve, after the beer passes quality control. That is, of course if you up to sharing.

How does the beer get carbonated? The Beer Machine has its own carbonation unit to ensure that your glass has bubbles and froth; the ‘cherry’ on top of good home brews.

This all-in-one Beer Machine is available at Brookstone for $99.95 with free shipping using promo code SHIP99. In the UK, it is sold at Firebox for £89.99 with free shipping as well.

Fans of Homer Simpson and beer will also delight in having a Duff Beer Sleeve for proper beer insulation; perfect for the standard pint glass.

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