Duff Beer Can/Bottle Cooler Sleeve

Duff Beer Can Koozie

Duff Beer is Homer’s #1 pick as far as summertime beverages go. But for best results Duff Beer is most delicious when enjoyed ice-cold, says he. Whether you’re drinking cerveza out of the can or bottle, make extra sure that you insulate with the Duff Beer Can/Bottle Cooler Sleeve.

Simpsons Duff Beer Bottle Cooler SleeveNot only does the sleeve act a marker to prevent tragic mix-ups with other people’s beers, but it also acts as a secret magnet to attract random Simpsons fans among the crowd. Staying true to the look of Duff Beer on the show, the sleeve is a tasteful shade of orange with black Matt Groening font style in bold.

Ultimately, the cooler will help prevent condensation (which begets wet palms) when you’re savoring your beer. And it won’t let your beer get doh! warm.

Homer’s beer of choice? Duff, of course, and it’s always better cold. Get The Simpsons Duff Can Cooler today and keep whatever you’re drinking cool in Duff style.

The Simpsons Duff Beer Can Cooler is hardly a splurge starting from $5.89 at Amazon.com. They are also available at FOXshop.com for $9.95.

But at times when you need an energy boost instead of a chillaxer, it’s all about Duff  Energy Drink disguised as Duff Beer. The can looks just like Duff Beer. If you’re fixing to approach an attractive lady, you might want to freshen up with peppermint Duff Beer Can Mints first.

Duff Beer Cooler

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