Awesome Superbowl Party Products

RC Cooler

Today is Superbowl Sunday, and just about everyone across America will be at a Superbowl party to watch the New England Patriots take on the New York Giants at the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. These parties are typically about football, beer, and pizza. Sounds simple, but if you want to make your party memorable, we have some ideas for Awesome Superbowl Party Products.

Kicking things off is the RC Cooler. You can load this cooler up with ice and drinks and drive it around via wireless remote control to deliver cold beverages to guests. It is available for $69.95 at Hammacher Schlemmer.

Duff Beer 24-Can Pack

Instead of serving regular beer at your Superbowl party, why not make it special with some Duff Beer from the Simpsons. It’s sure to have everyone saying Woo-hoo! and Doh! just like Homer as plays go for and against your team. Duff Beer Bottles are also available, and if you want a non-alcoholic choice, buy the Energy Drink.
Duff Beer 24 Can Packs are sold at from Firebox for £24.99.

Kurt S. Adler Blow Mold Budweiser Can Light Set

Speaking of beer, Superbowl is especially about the Budweiser brand of beers, including Bud Light and the new Bud Light Platinum. Even if you are drinking Duff beer, you can still decorate the house Bud-style with these Budweiser Can Lights. They’re available at from Amazon for about $25 for a 10 light set. They also have Bud Light Can Lights for $22, if your decorations are watching their calories.

PIBOSS Pizza Boss 3000 Pizza Wheel Saw Slicer

If you’re serving pizza, you may need a pizza slicer. Instead of using an ordinary pizza cutter, why not choose a fun one like the Power Saw Pizza Wheel or the Pizza Shark? Although if your friends are all geeks, they might like some ones better like the Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Slicer or the Pizza Pi Cutter, or enjoy the practical Scissor and Serve. The Pizza Boss 3000 Pizza Cutter costs about $12 at

Football Remote

At half-time you may want to switch the channel. Are you going to use a regular remote, or show off with the Football Remote Control? It looks like a toy football you can toss around, but actually works as a universal remote with power, volume, and channel buttons. Costing about $13, you can order the Football Remote from

Electric Cruzin Cooler

At half-time some of your friends may be liquored up and getting rowdy. Time to let off some steam with some beer cooler racing, using an Electric Cruzing Cooler. These things go up to 13 mph, which is actually pretty fast when you’re sitting on top of a functioning beer cooler that can hold up to 24 cans and ice. sells a variety of different Electric Cruzin Coolers in different colors starting at about $700 for the 300 watt models. Higher power 500 watt Cruzin’ Coolers run about $900.

The Beer Machine

If you want to treat your friends to special brews, you can’t serve them off the shelf beer. Instead, pick up a Beer Machine and brew a few gallons of your own homemade beer to serve. It is easy to do, and only takes about a week to brew a batch. The Beer Machine is available for $99.95 at Brookstone. They also sell it at for the same price.

Football Cocktail Shaker

If you’re friends don’t like beer, you can serve them cocktails. Why not mix your drinks a special way on Superbowl Sunday using one of these Football Cocktail Shakers? They are relatively inexpensive at just $16.95 at Amazon.

Family Guy Stewie Football Head

While watching the game, you and your friends may want to toss around a football. A real football can damage your furniture and television, so you’ll want to use a foam Nerf football. Make it even more fun with one of these Family Guy Stewie Footballs. Stewie’s head clearly resembles a football, so this product makes perfect sense. If you like these theme, you can also serve “football” shaped ice cubes made with a Stewie Ice Cube Tray. The Family Guy Stewie Football Head costs about $10 at

Bud Light Grass Can Coozie

If your friend nurse their drinks, they need a can koozie to help keep them cold. There are various fun choices, such as the Bud Light Grass Can Koozies. Other fun coozies include the Prescription Bottle (if beer is your medicine) and the Toilet Bowl (if gross-out gags are your thing).

Have a fun Superbowl!

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