Electric Cruzin Cooler

Electric Cruzin Cooler

The Electric Cruzin Cooler is to adults what the Ride-On Mercedes Roadster is to kids; a complete and utter luxury. The Electric Cruzin Cooler is a funny and possibly efficient way of transporting yourself, your food, and your drinks from point A to point B. It sure beats dragging a heavy cooler by hand and foot at the very least.

Beep, beep! Here comes the party! Hit the throttle and feel the wind through your hair as you punch 13 mph in 13 seconds. You might have to holler, “Passing on the left!” Ok, so it’s just toddlers on trikes trailing behind you, thinking it’s the eco-friendly version of the ice cream truck. You’re still a hero in their eyes. And maybe your friends will laugh at you (or with you), but after you hit the disc brakes and they discover your 24 cans of ice-cold drinks – it’s you who will get the last laugh.

The cooler seems to ride low to the ground, but if you can’t clear a high speed bump all you need to do is lift the cooler over it. If it’s too heavy, you might have to just open up the cooler and liberate your stash.

The 300-Watt Electric Cruzin Cooler is around $700 on Amazon.com, while the 500-Watt model runs for about $900. You can also get more information on the 700W, 1000W and 2000W models via Baron Bob. Don’t forget that they come in different colors.

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