Beachcombing Electric Tricycle

Beachcombing Electric Tricycle

At first, electric vehicles were things we’d only associate with kids. Then came a wave of electric and hybrid vehicles for grown-ups. Though they haven’t gone mainstream yet, they’re definitely inching their way towards cooldom. Fisker Karma, anyone?

Electric bikes are being swept up on the same jetstream. It’s good because gas prices show no signs of decreasing anytime soon and smog levels aren’t declining much, either. GeekAlerts has shown you some edgy, muscular electric bikes, such as the Lean Mean Green Machine, All Terrain Electric Bicycle, and the Bavarian Electric Touring Bicycle. Here’s one trike that’s light-hearted, yet practical for venturing into your beachside town and hauling things back home. Introducing the Beachcombing Electric Tricycle.

The Beachcombing Electric Tricycle
This is the electric tricycle built like a comfortable seaside cruiser bicycle. Riders float on a generously padded triangle seat with a backrest and three 20″ balloon tires for a soft yet stable journey. The handlebar position provides relaxed, upright riding, keeping the arms, back, and neck aligned for optimal comfort. A 350-watt electric motor assists riders across broad flats for easy cruising up to 20 mph–a twist of the right handlebar controls the motor’s variable speed. A full charge of its detachable 36-volt lithium battery provides up to 30 miles of cruising (depending upon rider weight and terrain). A front hand brake and rear coaster brakes provide confident braking. Its rear cargo bay provides generous storage for groceries, gym bag, or beach accessories. Aircraft aluminum frame supports riders up to 250 lbs. Minor assembly required. 70″ L x 28″ W x 36″ H. (75 lbs.)

Beachcomber bikes always rule when it comes to comfort. The seats are cushy, and their big, bubble tires ensure great shock absorbency. With this beachcomber trike, you get all the points of comfort as well as an extra boost of power and speed when you need it, a place to put your things, and the stability of three fat tires. Wow, you even get a backrest!

Sure you might get a few complaints of taking up the whole bike lane and cars might not readily welcome you on the road. But when you can hit 20mph for up to 30 miles, who’s going to want to mess with you?

Picture yourself zipping in the bike lane along the beach, jamming to “I Get Around” by the Beach Boys. I’m also having delusions of a small dog enjoying the ride from the rear compartment.

The price of the Beachcombing Electric Tricycle is $3,000 at Hammacher Schlemmer, and it’s a new arrival. If you intend to use it as your main mode of transportation, it could actually be quite a bargain compared to a car or motorcycle.

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  1. It looks like Pedego has done it again. Another fine stylish model. The looks are absolutely stunning. It took a bit longer for the folks at Pedego to get this Tricycle off the drawing board but, from the looks it was well worth it. Thanks Pedego!

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