The Lean Mean Green Machine

The Lean Mean Green Machine

Do you remember the original Big Wheels and racing your friends to see who could go the fastest without breaking those cheap plastic wheels?  I do; and apparently I wasn’t the only one to miss those fun filled days.  The Lean Mean Green Machine was inspired the Huffy Green Machine that came along after the original big wheels.  This adult styled big wheel has a 60 horsepower, 80″ cu. Harley-Davidson v-twin motor that can propel this lean machine up to 50 mph.  With its 6 speed transmission and 8 1/2 gallon fuel tank, this 9′ three-wheeled motorcycle has a range of 400 miles per tank.  Who ever said we couldn’t relive our childhood obviously never saw this!

The Lean Mean Green Machine

This is the 9′ three-wheeled motorcycle inspired by the Green Machine, the classic big-wheeled pedaled tricycle from the 1970s. Its proportion, color scheme, and striking 45″ diameter front wheel–the world’s largest–are so convincing, it compelled the toy’s 1975 designer to see the motorcycle for a side-by-side comparison with the original toy. At its heart rumbles an air-cooled, 80″ cu. Harley-Davidson v-twin Evo–hailed by some as the engine that saved the iconic company–providing 60 horsepower for speeds up to 50 mph. The front wheel is driven by a chain housed in a protective cowling that replicates the toy’s frame and, like its predecessor, the cycle is steered by two handheld push/pull levers that control the two rear wheels via a directional linkage. The hand levers include brakes while a foot lever controls its manual 6-speed transmission. Its 8 1/2-gallon fuel tank is built into the frame, hidden from view, providing a range of 400 miles. 9′ L x 4 1/2′ W x 45″ H. (450 lbs.)

Order by November 15 for Christmas delivery from Hammacher Schlemmer and it will only cost you $75,000.


  1. I remember having a big wheel when I was a kid..I passed the tradition down to my kids and they use to race up and down the driveway..Oh what fun we had! They dont make toys like they use to now a days..

  2. With no visible lights or turn signals and all the rollover risks that resulted in a ban against three wheeled ATVs a quarter-century ago, I cannot imagine this monstrosity is street legal. What’s more, it seems far too low to the ground for trail or off road use.

    So the obvious question is who the hell would plop down $75,000.00 for such a useless–and obviously dangerous–contraption? Where would they ride it? And how could they possibly find any advantage in its 400 mile range? Regardless of how rich I were, I wager I could find better uses for my money.

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