The 20 MPH Motorized Wheelrider

20 MPH Motorized Wheelrider

If the skateboard and bicycle don’t grab your attention like they used to but you’re not ready to fork out the bucks for a Harley just yet, the 20 MPH Motorized Wheelrider might be just the thing you’re looking for.

Hop on to this motorized wheelboard and cruise the streets at 20 mph as you show some true moves to the skateboarders, snowboarders, and surfboarders because the Wheelrider carves with the best of them. Two slip-resistant footboards housed inside the hubless tires’ rims provide a place for your feet, but your front foot has a little work to do so it doesn’t just get to sit there. That’s because steering is handled with the front foot making a side-to-side motion to determine where you go. A tethered handheld throttle control the rear wheel’s centrifugal clutch and chain drive, while the brake provides smooth acceleration and stops.

The Wheelrider supports riders up to 200lbs, and the 14” knobby tires let you leave the pavement of the suburbs behind and the wild terrain of dirt, sand, grass, or asphalt. The 2-horsepower, two-stroke engine gives you enough power to handle graded up to 15 degrees and the 1/4-gallon gas/oil tank lets you cruise up to 20 miles before you have to put the brakes on the fun to refuel.

Ready to grab the pull-cord and crank that bad boy up? You can get the 20 MPH Motorized Wheelrider for $499.95 from Hammacher Schlemmer.

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