Yoomi Warming Baby Bottle

Yoomi Warming Baby Bottle

It used to be a whole lot harder to be a mother back in the old days. My mother used to tell me that the diapers back then were way different than the diapers of now; the old “diapers” were actually just a white cloth pinned around the baby’s bottom. When it was soiled, my mom would have to scrape off the dirty stuff and wash the thing afterwards. Warming up milk also used to take a good half hour or more on the stove.

Mothers of today really have it a lot easier. First of all, we’ve got the diapers of today that are disposable and require no washing at all. And then there’s the Yoomi Warming Baby Bottle.

The Yoomi Warming Baby Bottle can warm up baby formula or breast milk with the push of a button in sixty seconds. Talk about fast. So when your baby’s crying for food, there’s no need to keep that little bugger waiting if you’ve got this bottle.

Yoomi Warming Baby Bottle

Yoomi Warming Baby Bottle

Yoomi is a self-warming baby bottle for busy GeekMoms and GeekDads. With the press of a button, it warms expressed breast milk or formula to the perfect temperature in just 60 seconds. Recharge and sterilize Yoomi in your steam sterilizer or boiling water and you’re ready for the next feeding.

  • Self-warming baby bottle for busy parents
  • Warms to the temperature of breast milk in 60 seconds
  • Recharges 100 times, no plugs, no batteries
  • Breast-like anti-colic nipple for easy latch on
  • Holds 5 ounces of baby’s favorite beverage

The Yoomi Warming Baby Bottle is available from ThinkGeek for $32.99.

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