Camelbak All Clear UV Water Bottle

Camelbak All Clear UV Water Bottle

A lot of people take their access to clean water for granted. Millions of people in developing countries don’t have the same luxury, which is why I’m grateful for every glass of potable water that comes my way. I know some people prefer bottled water, but I think the Eau Good Water Bottle can provide the same quality water in a greener, cheaper way. So can the Camelbak All Clear UV Water Bottle.

Basically, this water bottle is fitted with a strong UV lamp right onto its cap so you can sterilize your water before drinking it. We’re not talking about water from your tap but water that you got from some other water source, such as a creek, when you’re out on some hiking or camping trip.

  • Portable purification system is built into your water bottle
  • Utilizes proven UV technology to effectively neutralize microbiological contaminants
  • Treats 80 cycles or 16 gallons with each charge
  • Impact and weather-resistant cap insulates UV bulb for effective purification every time.
  • LCD screen verifies success.
  • Fill from taps, streams, spigots and more.

The Camelbak All Clear UV Water Bottle’s UV system can zap 99.9999 percent of bacteria, 99.99 percent of viruses and 99.9 percent of protozoa in 25 ounces (0.75 liter) of water in just a minute.

The Camelbak All Clear UV Water Bottle will be available online in March and will be priced at $99.

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