Nyantomo Kitten Hot Water Bottle

Nyantomo kitten hot water bottle

We might be guilty of owning pets for our own selfish reasons. Sometimes, pets like cats or dogs bring us a certain special comfort that no one else can, which is why a hot water bottle is disguised as a cuddly kitten in the Nyantomo Kitten Hot Water Bottle.

The Nyantomo Kitten has such a sweet, closed-eye gesture that you can almost imagine the sound of a cat purring away. Also, its body looks so similar to that of a real sleeping kitten that you almost have to touch it to convince yourself that it’s not alive. If you drift off to sleep with the kitty across your tummy, you could very well form delusions of Nyantomo being a real cat. (Especially if you’re not feeling so well and had a strong dose of medication.)

Nyantomo Kitten Hot Water Bottle

  • Size: 20x12x50 cm
  • Weight (without water): 355g.
  • Bottle capacity: 700 ml
  • Cat material: Polyester and acrylic
  • Bottle material: Natural rubber, stainless steel
  • Manual (Japanese)
  • Water stays hot for 6 to 8 hours

Cats are loved and cherished in Japan. You’re probably familiar with the Lucky Cat that waves at the front of many Asian restaurants and businesses and why Hello Kitty is such a phenomenon. Perhaps this is why the Kao Corporation had the gumption to turn a hot water bottle into a cat or vice versa.

You can order the Nyantomo Kitten Hot Water Bottle at the Japan Trend Shop for $117.

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  1. Let me know if you ship thwee Nyantomo Kitten Hot Water Bottle to Buenos Aires, Argentina and how much would cat a sipping be.

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