The Makita Power Tool Battery Coffee Maker

Makita Power Tool Battery Coffee Maker

Looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift? How about this Makita Power Tool Battery Coffee Maker CM501DZ. Perfect for home use or job site applications, this coffee maker is powered by Makita slide-on lithium-ion batteries…and it looks pretty cool too. The cordless design and carry […]


Rodeo Boy Exercise Fitness Machine

The Japan Trend Shop has been known to sell some very ‘unique’ products (Pupeko Anti-Aging Mouthpiece, Face Slimmer Exercise Mouthpiece, Rhythm Slim Chin Muscle Exercise Machine, Hana Tsun Nose Straightener) and the Rodeo Boy Exercise Fitness Machine continues with that trend. Designed as a fitness […]

Hello Kitty Sleep Vantage Series Pillow

Sleep Vantage Hello Kitty Pillow

Hello Kitty is Everyone’s favorite and this Sleep Vantage Hello Kitty Pillow will help you get the sleep you need. This unusually shaped pillow is made to look like Japan’s best-loved feline, Kitty-chan (Hello Kitty), but don’t let the cuteness fool you. This pillow is […]

Officially Licensed Godzilla Humidifier

BatoGoji Godzilla Humidifier

The king of monsters is back and he is ready to provide some humidity for you. This Godzilla Humidifier features two operational modes and is perfect for maintaining optimal humidity levels in your home or office. And if the looks aren’t enough to convince you […]


Awamoko 3D Foam Pen

Remember the days of making a beard out of soap foam or maybe a sort-of cone-shaped soap foam hat when you were in the tub? Step that game up to a whole new level with the Awamoko 3D Foam Pen. Actually, the company behind this […]


Darth Vader Samurai Warrior Doll

The Dark Side meets the way of the warrior with the Darth Vader Samurai Warrior Doll as Feudal Japan enters the Star Wars universe. Inspired by classic musha-ningyô (warrior dolls), Lord Vader stands tall in Samurai armor that includes a detailed helmet, boots, robe, and […]

Omnibot Hello Zoomer Robot Dog

Omnibot Hello! Zoomer Dog Robot

Want a dog but don’t want to deal with dog poop or allergies or fleas? The Omnibot Hello! Zoomer Dog Robot is the robotic pet you’re looking for. This man-made version of a dalmatian recognizes over 45 words (English and Japanese), has voice recognition, and […]

Hanaga Tap Nose Outlet

Nose Outlet

Do you have a nose for funny decor? Then you might like the Nose Outlet if you decide your boring plain electrical outlets could use a breath of fresh fashion air. The schnoz, which is available in either white, pink, or black, plugs into any […]


Aero Sphere Fan

If you are looking for a stylish fan but don’t like those old box shaped types, check out this Aero Sphere Fan. These fans have a spherical honeycomb design that looks great while they keep you cool. The “teardrop” shape sits on the floor or […]


Manner Tofu Chopstick Game

Learning to use chopsticks can be tricky. The Manner Tofu Chopstick Game lets you have fun while you are learning. There are six different types of tofu faces on the blocks. This Chopstick Game for one or two players allows you to play several different […]