Elekit Follow Infrared Radar Hexapod Robot

Elekit Follow Infrared Radar Hexapod Robot

This Elekit Follow Infrared Radar Hexapod Robot is an impressive little bot that you build yourself. Just like putting together a LEGO Set, assembling the 115 pieces to build this robot is half the fun. Even better than LEGO, because building a robot can help teach STEM skills.

Once you put the Elekit Hexapod Robot together, you can play with it. As a hexpod, it moves in a cute way forward and backwards on six legs. With the built-in infrared radar it can navigate around obstacles and even behave in an interactive fashion like a pet. It even as light and sound effects to add to the fun.

Enthusiasts will jump at the chance to challenge themselves by assembling this Elekit Follow Infrared Radar Hexapod Robot, which features 115 parts and can move in a cute way on its six legs both forwards and backwards. The yellow robot has light and sound effects as well as two modes. The inbuilt infrared radar makes it interactive like a pet and allows it to swivel and navigate around obstacles.

Buy the Elekit Follow Hexapod Robot for $66 at Japan Trend Shop. Just a warning before buying: the instructions are in Japanese.

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