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LEGO Quinjet Aerial Battle #6869

Tomorrow, May 4, The Avengers movie will hit theaters, but you can order The Avengers LEGO Sets right now. If watching the trailer didn’t do it already, watching the movie will probably have you excited for more Avengers stuff. Sure the Avengers Cardboard Standups can keep you company and the Cologne / Perfume will keep you smelling good, but for something to build and play with, these LEGO The Avengers sets are hard to beat. What’s especially cool as these sets don’t have to break the bank, as they start at just $12.99.

We were actually sent some of these LEGO sets for review, so stay tuned to GeekAlerts to see if these The Avengers LEGO sets live up to the quality expected from this preeminent brand.

LEGO Avengers #6869LEGO Quinjet Aerial Battle #6869

Loki is up to no good and is planning to destroy the earth! As he flies into battle on board his chariot, help the Avenger’s defeat their nemesis using the supersonic Quinjet! Fire the missiles, release the mini-jet and imprison Loki in the prison pod! With the high-tech Quinjet, the Avengers can’t fail!

  • Vehicles include Quinjet and Loki’s chariot
  • Includes 5 minifigures: Thor, Iron Man, Black Widow, Loki and foot soldier
  • Weapons include Loki’s staff, Thor’s hammer and Iron Man’s thruster flame
  • Launch the mini-jet!
  • Fire the missiles!
  • Open the cockpits!

Quinjet Aerial Battle is $69.99 at LEGO Shop.

LEGO Hulk's Helicarrier Breakout #6868

LEGO Avengers #6868LEGO Hulk’s Helicarrier Breakout #6868

The Hulk and Thor have Loki captured on board the Avengers’ awesome Helicarrier. Use the exploding containment cell function to bust Loki out and then use the function-packed jet fighter to get away! Can the Avengers keep Loki locked up and out of trouble?

  • Features Helicarrier and jet fighter
  • Includes 4 minifigures: Hulk, Thor, Hawkeye and Loki
  • Accessories include 2 canisters, Loki’s staff, Hawkeye’s bow and arrow, Thor’s hammer
  • Features containment cell with exploding function and fuel canister holder with firing function
  • Jet fighter features 4 flick missiles and opening cockpit with cockpit blast function
  • Fire the missiles!
  • Launch the fuel canisters!
  • Blast the jet fighter’s cockpit!

Hulk’s Helicarrier Breakout is $49.99 at LEGO Shop.

LEGO Loki's Cosmic Cube Escape #6867

LEGO Avengers #6867LEGO Loki’s Cosmic Cube Escape #6867

Loki is escaping from S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters with the powerful cosmic cube. If he succeeds, he could use it to wreak havoc on the world! Can Iron Man take to the skies in his amazing armored suit and chase down the speeding off-roader or will Loki escape with the cosmic cube? You decide!

  • Features off-roader with 2 flick missiles and tipping function
  • Includes 3 minifigures: Iron Man, Loki and Hawkeye
  • Accessories include cosmic cube and Loki’s staff
  • Fire the missiles!
  • Use tipping function to blast Loki off the off-roader when Iron Man attacks!

Loki’s Cosmic Cube Escape is $19.99 at LEGO Shop.

LEGO Captain America's Avenging Cycle #6865

LEGO Avengers #6865LEGO Captain America’s Avenging Cycle #6865

While riding his Avenging Cycle, Captain America spots the general on his craft. Help Captain America use his indestructible shield to defeat the general and his foot soldier! Win the battle and send them back to where they came from. The fate of the world lies in your hands.

  • Vehicles include Captain America’s Avenging Cycle and general’s craft
  • Includes 3 minifigures: Captain America, general and foot soldier
  • Avenging Cycle features shield holder
  • Fire the flick missile!
  • Foot soldier’s gun stand has a missile
  • Throw the shield at the general and the foot soldier!

Captain America’s Avenging Cycle is $12.99 at LEGO Shop.

LEGO Captain America #4597

LEGO Avengers #4597LEGO Captain America #4597

Captain America is more powerful than ever with his powered up suit, indestructible bladed Vibranium shield and expert martial arts and boxing abilities. Alongside the other mighty Avengers, Captain America is going to show the super villains of the world that they messed with the wrong guy!

  • Customize your model using the flexible building system
  • Stands over 7″ (18cm) tall!
  • Battle with the bladed shield!
  • Build bigger figures with the exclusive high friction joints
  • Combine with 4529 Iron Man to build the an even bigger Captain America

Captain America is $14.99 at LEGO Shop.

LEGO The Hulk #4530

LEGO Avengers #4530LEGO The Hulk #4530

The Hulk is ready for action with his powered up armor! His super strength and scientific brain are just what the mighty Avengers need to rid the world of evil super villains. Those villains had better not make Hulk angry; they wouldn’t like him when he’s angry!

  • Customize your model using the flexible building system
  • Build bigger figures with the exclusive high friction joints
  • Stands over 7″ (18cm) tall!
  • Combine with 4529 Iron Man to build the an even bigger Hulk

The Hulk is $14.99 at LEGO Shop.

LEGO Iron Man #4529

LEGO Avengers #4529LEGO Iron Man #4529

Iron Man has everything a superhero could need! Powered up armor – check! Repulsor rays – check! Jet boots – check! Shoulder-mounted blaster – check! With this much power, the super villains of the world stand no chance against  Iron Man and his band of mighty Avengers!

  • Customise your model using the flexible building system
  • Build bigger figures with the exclusive high friction joints
  • Blaster with belt of ammo included
  • Stands over 7” (18cm) tall!
  • Combine with 4597 Captain America to build the bigger Iron Patriot

Iron Man is $14.99 at LEGO Shop.

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