Batman Classic TV Series LEGO Batcave

February 7, 2016 Marty Shaw 0

Holy awesomesauce, Batman! You’ll feel like Adam West’s Batman when you get your hands on this Batman Classic TV Series LEGO Batcave. Based on the classic Batman television series of the 60s, this LEGO Batcave has more goodies than you can shake a utility belt […]


Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters LEGO Set

November 10, 2015 Marty Shaw 0

Grab your stick, heat ’em up, and get ready to show that prehistoric witch how you do things downtown with the Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters LEGO Set. Peter Venkman, Raymond Stantz, Egon Spengler, Winston Zeddemore, and Janine Melnitz are ready to keep the world from being […]

LEGO Scooby-Doo 75904 Mystery Mansion Building Kit

Scooby Doo Mystery Mansion LEGO Set

November 5, 2015 Marty Shaw 0

Okay, gang, you don’t have to split up and look for clues to find the Scooby Doo Mystery Mansion LEGO Set because it’s right here. Velma, Daphne, Shaggy, and Scooby Doo are trying to solve the mystery of the mansion but they need you to […]


LEGO Ideas Doctor Who Playset

October 30, 2015 Marty Shaw 0

Don’t blink because it’s time to exterminate boredom with the LEGO Ideas Doctor Who Playset. Get ready for some exciting adventures in time and space with the Eleventh Doctor, the Twelfth Doctor, and Clara Oswald as they face Daleks and a Weeping Angel. The set […]


LEGO SHIELD Helicarrier

January 31, 2015 Marty Shaw 0

Get ready to save the world… or take it over (Hail Hydra!) with the LEGO SHIELD Helicarrier. You’ll feel like Nick Fury with this awesome arsenal under your command. The incredible symbol of SHIELD’s power measures 11” (29cm) high, 31” (80cm) long and 17” (45cm) […]

Ghostbusters Lego Ecto 1

LEGO Ghostbusters Ecto-1

June 5, 2014 Conner Flynn 0

When there’s something strange in the LEGO neighborhood, who ya gonna call? LEGO Ghostbusters! This Ghostbusters Lego Ecto-1 celebrates 30 years of ghost-busting action with the Ghostbusters Ecto-1 car! This set was selected by LEGO Ideas members (CUUSOO) and it is fully loaded with all […]

LEGO Star Wars Sandcrawler

LEGO Star Wars Sandcrawler

March 15, 2014 Marty Shaw 0

The Star Wars LEGO universe just got a little – or maybe that’s a lot – bigger with the LEGO Star Wars Sandcrawler, allowing you to recreate classic scenes from Star Wars: A New Hope, in addition to creating brand-new adventures with epic style. With […]

LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 2013

LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 2013

November 21, 2013 Ryan Cooper 1

Advent calendars are always great fun for kids, as they get to count down the days to Christmas. As a kid ours just had a little chocolate treat each day, and I would have much preferred something like the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 2013, […]


Lego Minifigure Superman Clock

October 14, 2013 Conner Flynn 0

Let The Man of Steel tell you what time it is with this Lego Minifigure Superman Clock. It will look good in your geek lair. This clock is the perfect addition to your DC Comics collection. It features a digital, lighted display and alarm clock. […]


LEGO Architecture: United Nations Headquarters

October 2, 2013 James Kelly 0

If you’re a fan of the LEGO Architecture Landmark Series then you will want to get your hands on the newly released LEGO Architecture: United Nations Headquarters. The set includes 597 pieces and a booklet filled with details about the design and history of the […]


LEGO Maersk Line Triple-E Container Vessel

September 30, 2013 James Kelly 0

LEGO and Maersk fans probably remember the cool Maersk Train Lego Set from a few years ago; now LEGO and Maersk have teamed up again to bring you the LEGO 10241 Maersk Line Triple-E Container Vessel. This 1,518 piece LEGO set is based on the […]

Back to the Future DeLorean Time-Machine Building Set

LEGO Back to the Future DeLorean Time-Machine Set

September 4, 2013 Marty Shaw 0

Get ready to travel through time with Marty McFly and Doc Brown with the Back to the Future DeLorean Time-Machine LEGO Building Set, and create your own time-travel adventures. This LEGO set features two mini-figs (Marty McFly and Doc Brown) and a DeLorean that can […]


LEGO Minecraft – The Nether 21106

September 4, 2013 Conner Flynn 0

Bring Minecraft into the 3D world with this awesome LEGO Minecraft – The Nether 21106 set. This set will be hours of fun for both kids and adults. This set includes 32 buildable micromobs : 2 Ghasts and a Zombie Pigmen. This is your chance […]


LEGO Galaxy Squad Galactic Titan

August 10, 2013 Conner Flynn 0

This LEGO Galaxy Squad Galactic Titan set looks like a lot of fun. LEGO set 70709 includes 1012 pieces and makes a great gift for any LEGO fanatic. Exterminate the creepy alien caterpillar and hive tower before the alien army hatches more eggs. Rescue blue […]

Lord of the Rings Tower of Orthanc LEGO Set

LEGO Lord of the Rings Tower of Orthanc Set

July 9, 2013 Marty Shaw 0

Take a trip to Middle-Earth with the LEGO Lord of the Rings Tower of Orthanc Set and immerse yourself in such a highly-detailed structure that you’ll be expecting to bump into Saruman himself. Orthanc Tower, which featured prominently in “The Lord of the Rings: The […]


LEGO Star Wars Ewok Village

June 4, 2013 James Kelly 0

Star Wars and LEGO fans will be anxious to get their hands on the new LEGO Star Wars Ewok Village 10236 Set. Available September 1st 2013, this set includes 1,990 pieces and 16 minfigures; 5 Ewoks, R2-D2, Chewbacca, Han Solo, C-3PO and many more. Get […]


New LEGO Minifigure Magnets

June 1, 2013 James Kelly 0

Father’s Day is just around the corner and these New LEGO Minifigure Magnets are sure to make a great gift. What dad doesn’t love comic book superheroes, Star Wars and a little Lord of the Rings action? Choose from Batman, Superman, Iron Man, Darth Vader, […]


LEGO Lone Ranger Stagecoach Escape

April 25, 2013 Conner Flynn 0

LEGO hasn’t made a western set in forever, but now is the time. The LEGO Lone Ranger Stagecoach Escape 79108 set will be a great companion piece to all of your western themed LEGO sets. The bandits are after Red Harrington’s silver, which is locked […]