Tanita Handheld Body Smell Checker

Tanita Handheld Body Smell Checker

Do you smell? Seriously, do you stink? Even if you shower regularly and practice good hygiene, how do you know for sure? It’s actually hard for many people to tell if they have body odor because they become used to it, becoming nose-blind to their own smell. Almost no one is going to tell you if you stink, because they don’t want to offend. The solution is the Tanita Handheld Body Smell Checker, which provides a scientific smell reading, and isn’t concerned about your feelings.

Using the Tanita Handheld Body Smell Checker is easy. Just hold the device near the body part you are concerned about and generate a reading in about 10 seconds. It analyzes the smell-producing particulate matter in the air to give you a smell rating of 0 to 10. A reading in the 4-6 range indicates a detectable odor, while a 7-10 rating signals a strong odor. This will tell you if you need to clean up before your next appointment, or if you are applying way too much Axe body spray.

Tanita Handheld Body Smell Tester

Never be caught out again by unpleasant odors with the Tanita Handheld Body Smell Checker, a convenient way to keep a close tab on your personal hygiene. Simply extend the sensor arm and hold the device close to your body in an area of choice and get a reading that measures your odor on a 11-stage scale. The process only takes around ten seconds, during which time Tanita’s ES-100 device analyzes for smell-producing particulate matter. Since it is reading the intensity of smells, you can check not only for bad odors but also perfume or aftershave that is too strong.

This Tanita Handheld Body Smell Checker is sold for JPY 29,006 ($268) at Japan Trend Shop. It seems like it should be easy to use, but still, be advised that the included instructions are in Japanese.

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