Vibrating Handheld Massager with Heat

Heated Handheld Massager

If the WheeMe the Mini Massage Robot and the Futuristic Head Massager won’t give you the treatment you need, maybe this new batteryless handheld model will be your ticket to relieve tension and stress.

Only you know where “right there” is on your aching back – so reach it perfectly with this heated vibrating handheld massager. The adjustable handle bends so you can effortlessly melt away tension, even in hard to reach stress zones.

You’ve never felt a heated massager like this before – 6 professional attachments make it easy to target each aching muscle with the perfect massage application. Just snap on the Roller to experience the acupressure nodes. The Concentrator focuses vibration through the heated handheld massager. Scalp Massager delivers an amazing heated massager therapy to your scalp – and there’s still so much more.

Heated Handheld Massager

Product Features

  • Heated massager melts away tension
  • As a vibrating handheld massager, it increases blood circulation
  • Heated, vibrating handheld massager soothes minor aches and pains
  • Adjustable handle for reaching hard to get at back, neck and shoulders
  • Comes with 6 attachments – including Roller, Concentrator and Scalp Massager
  • No batteries – just plug into the wall

The Heated Handheld Massager is yours for $49.99 from The Sharper Image website.

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