IR Tracker R/C Car

This radio-controlled car allows you to “paint” its path using a handheld infrared tracker – a feature that brought a lot of attention when the toy was displayed at the Hong Kong Toy Fair earlier this year.


Jumbo Display LED Alarm Clock

The Jumbo Display LED Alarm Clock is a rectangular timepiece where the whole front will show you the current time using white or blue light-emitting diodes. Jumbo Display LED Alarm Clock Special design and high quality clock PM indicator Alarm indicator Snooze button Function switch […]


Ladybug USB Card Reader

If you have no need for the extra charger and cash note verifier features that comes with the 3-in-1 Ladybug Card Reader, here’s a small keyring-friendly alternative. Ladybug USB Card Reader USB 2.0 Direct read / write T-Flash / MicroSD Cutie ladybug design Plug and […]


Retro Telephone USB Hub

Just like yesterday’s Retro USB Microphone, this 4-port USB 2.0 compliant rotary dial phone hub is another fun example of adding retro design to modern day gadgets. Retro Telephone USB Hub USB 2.0 4 ports hub Turns the cover to use the hub Prevent any […]