Vibrating Bluetooth Bracelet with Watch

Vibrating Bluetooth Bracelet with Watch

First we had this simple vibrating Bluetooth bracelet, then came the updated version with LCD display, and now they’ve managed to squeeze in a watch for this geeky accessory.

This Stylish Bracelet solves the problem of having your phone buried in pocket or bag, by giving your wrist a buzz “Vibration” when any calls in.

Also, the LCD will display the caller’s name and it comes with the “Link Loss Alert Function” – if your mobile phone has gone more than 2 meters apart from you, the bracelet will notify you through vibration.

And now, you can wear the LCD Bluetooth vibrating bracelet as a watch. It shows the time on the LCD Display when you turn on the bracelet.

Vibrating Bluetooth Bracelet with Watch


  • Vibrating Alert Functions for Incoming Calls
  • LCD Display Caller ID (showing Caller’s name from your phone book / Caller number)
  • LCD Display the time as a Watch
  • Link Loss Alert Function
  • Can be charged by laptop or home PC via the USB cable provided, or the bundled AC adapter
  • Can be used just as a Stylish Bracelet
  • LCD Display Size: 22mm wide
  • Bluetooth Spec: version: 1.2 – Compatible with V1.1, V1.2 & V2
  • Bluetooth Profiles: supported Headset and Hands free profile
  • Frequency range: 2.4GHz
  • Stand-by time: 100 hours
  • Proximity vibrating alert when mobile is 2 Meters away
  • Dimensions: 16mm wide x 65mm (inside diameter)
  • Weight: 75g

Vibrating Bluetooth Bracelet with Watch

The Vibrating Bluetooth Bracelet with LCD Watch is yours for $47. from the Mobile Brando website. They also offer a black plastic model for $45.


  1. @Kin: Thanks! It feels great to be back again 🙂
    Sorry about that leck of updates lately.

    @Hyperdyne: True! I was actually looking for some info about storage, hoping that would be included in this version. Hopefully next time…

  2. 16gb usb storage rubber bracelet. It’s ok, but it’s only storage. All they need to do is combine the two:)
    Or maybe Im being a bit picky:)

  3. They could also touch it up here and there to make it more pleasing to the eye. Its still kina ugly. Otherwise its the perfect piece of equipment lol

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