R2D2 sound & projection unit

You can find hundreds of different R2D2 machines and gadgets around the world, and here is one of the latest models. This R2D2 unit is not only a decent looking half-size model it is also an all-in-one home cinema machine!


Emergency cuff-links

Here is a smart little product that can save an evening or two. They are designed by the industrial designer Sebastian Bergne and they are made out of a thin layer of stainless steel.


Mighty Muggs

Hasbro has launched a series of really cool 6-inch tall toys available in Star Wars and Marvel characters. Above you can find Boba Fett from Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Spiderman himself.


USB Powerstick

The USB Powerstick is a useful product that lets you charge other USB gadgets without having any access to a computer or power. You charge the Powerstick using any USB port and then you can simply charge your other devices anytime and anywhere.


Hide away your USB cables

SpaceStation is a clever solution that makes it really easy to hide away some cables from your desk. The unit is hovering 5mm above your desk making it easy for all USB cables to enter and exit the hub.