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  1. I just came across these camera clocks and I like them alot, except for the price. OMG, $165??? And who is this Debra woman, never heard of her, so I would not be inclined in the least bit to purchase one for that kind of cash, HOWEVER, what a great idea! I sell cameras on Amazon, and when I saw this, I thought “I have about 50 cameras that wont sell”, so I have started to convert them to clocks. Its not as easy as it looks, and I have made them alot nicer to look at rather than just glue a clock face to it with oversized hands. And mine and less than half the price if the one mentioned in this ad.
    Come check them out. I made 3 of them this weekend, and I will make more next weekend. Also you can check out all the other cameras I have for sale.
    Thanks for reading!

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