Analog Voltmeter Clock

Analog Voltmeter Clock

There are a lot of sleek, futuristic clocks out there but the Analog Voltmeter Clock goes in the opposite direction, telling time with some cool retro, analog style.

Designed to look like an analog voltmeter, this electrifying design is perfect for geeks who are into electronics and vintage equipment. Made of sheet metal, the clock features dual analog meters to tell time – one for hours and one for minutes. For example, in the above pic, the time is approximately 5:04. At midnight and noon, both meters read 0.

The clock also has a knob to adjust the time, and a knob that lets you choose from a variety of operating modes –

  • time set
  • calibrate meter 1
  • calibrate meter 2
  • “twitchy needle” display mode

It’s available in either industrial gray or olive drab.

The Analog Voltmeter Clock will be available January 2016 but it can be pre-ordered now for $139 at Awkward Engineer. Use discount code PRESALE to get 30% off at checkout.

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