Irrational Numbers Wall Clock

Irrational Numbers Wall Clock

Seriously, can you make telling time any more complicated? As US president Obama would say – yes, you can! The Irrational Numbers Wall Clock will be sure to stir up fond memories of your favorite advanced math courses.

In math, irrational numbers are those that can’t be represented by simple fractions.Two examples are pi and the square root of 2. Designed by a mathematician, for mathematicians (and others in the know, like engineers and scientists), this clock tells time in irrational numbers logically placed on a 360-degree circle. For example, pi (3.14159…) is just a few degrees past where the 3 would be on a regular clock face.

Black with white markings and hands, metal clock runs on 1 AA battery. 12″ diameter.

The Irrational Numbers Wall Clock falls into the same category as other brainiac clocks that we love on GA, such as the Chalkboard Pop Quiz Clock and its fraternal twin Math Equations Wall Clock, Chemistry Clock and the Time Tower Desk Clock, amongst many others. What do they all have in common? You have to be a total nerd to own one. It’s all about exclusivity, you see?

What makes this clock different is its complexity. Notice how the math problems are positioned a bit off from where the clock hours should be? That’s because none of the answers are as easy as Pi. (apologies.) The square root of 90 is 9.4868. Notice how it’s located a little past the 9 position. Very clever. Also notice how the problems are written in the same font as in school text books? Way to keep things real!

Most of us will still be looking at our digital watches or phones to figure out what time it really is. But having this clock is a way of saying, “To hell with the fastest way from A to B! I’m taking the scenic route.”

The Irrational Numbers Wall Clock can be found at for $39.95.

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