Amphibious Chaise Lounger

Amphibious Chaise Lounger

Now here’s more cool gear for the pool. Remember the Hand Pedal Float that lets you move across the water by just turning two pedals while you’re still stretched out comfortably on the floater? This time, this contraption doesn’t really add any ease to how you move through the water, but it’s certainly convertible and non-conventional. Folks, meet the Amphibious Chaise Lounger.

If you didn’t sleep through your Science classes when you were still in school, then you’re probably already familiar with a characteristic trait of an amphibian: they can live on both land and water. And those two areas are exactly where you can use your chaise.

Amphibious Chaise Lounge Chair

Amphibious Chaise Lounger

This is the chaise lounger that provides reclined seating while floating in a pool or lounging on the deck. The armrests and legs are filled with sealed air chambers to provide buoyancy for drifting leisurely across the pool surface. The breathable polyester mesh fabric seat and backrest cushion yet support the body and allow cooling breezes to circulate. The chaise weighs only 25 lbs to allow ease of transfer from land to water.

You can get the Amphibious Chaise Lounger from Hammacher for $299.95.

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