Vinyl Record Batman Clock

What time is it? You’ll know when you have this cool Vinyl Record Batman Clock hanging on your wall. Once an old, unused record that nobody ever listened to, this 12-inch vinyl album has been redesigned and given new life as an eye-catching piece of […]

ThinkGeek Pi Power Necktie

Pi Power Necktie

Math was never my strong subject, but if you are a math wiz or just enjoy numbers, this Pi Power Necktie is just the thing to brighten up your wardrobe. This red silk tie has a subtle woven Pi design and comes in a box […]


Ghostbusters Q-Pop Figures

Get ready to bust some ectoplasmic heads with the Ghostbusters Q-Pop Figures, which give you the ability to display the humor and wit of the paranormal hunters… or yourself, depending on whether or not your ego is the size of a giant Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man. […]


The Doctor Pepper T-Shirt

The Doctor Pepper T-Shirt has convinced me of two things: 1. Dr. Pepper should top every bottle with a fez, and 2. I really need a cooler that looks like the TARDIS. This navy blue tee features an image by Jason Piperberg that mixes soda […]


8-bit Ghostbusting T-Shirt

Two supernatural forces from the 80s collide on the 8-bit Ghostbusting T-Shirt, proving to ghosts that a big, yellow circle with a mouth and a ravenous appetite aren’t the only things they need to fear. I love this retro shout-out to the 80s, featuring Ghostbusters […]


Doctor Who Missy T-Shirt

The evil Mary Poppins of the Whoniverse can now be yours with this Doctor Who Missy T-Shirt. Just don’t ask her for permission to squee. Whovians know Missy ain’t no lady… or I suppose she is, actually. Regenerations can be so confusing sometimes. Still, she’s […]

DC POP Keychains

DC Comics POP Keychains

Keep some mini DC characters with you no matter where you are with these DC POP Keychains. These super adorable Funko Pocket POP! keychain versions of Batman or Harley Quinn will accompany your keys and brighten your day. These 1 1/2″ tall figurines are too […]