Nikko VaporizR Amphibious R/C Car

Nikko VaporizR Amphibious RC Car

If you’re looking for a remote control car that is capable of doing some serious off-roading, look no further than the Nikki VaporizR Amphibious R/C Car.

As much as we geeks think we need 4 x 4 trucks or SUVs, the truth is we don’t really need them all too often in real life. But true 4 x 4 remote control cars make a whole lot of sense. How many times have you had to take your average R/C vehicle out of a ditch or redirect it after it got stuck in a pile of grass? Lame. With the Nikko VaporizR (not to be confused with VaPOOrizer), the fun is never interrupted because it plows right through rocks, water, sand, and snow, and will turn a full 360 with reckless abandon.

Nikko VaporizR Amphibious R/C Car

  • Full 4×4 vehicle
  • Traverse any terrain
  • Fully amphibious, including steering in water
  • Radio Control Handset
  • 6v Ni-MH Battery
  • Battery Charger
  • 9v Battery

The VaporizR can gun up to 15 km/h or about 9 mph on land, which means you’ll have to run to keep up with it. You can outrun little kids with it, however fast dogs could probably catch it. But it’s all about the thrill of the chase. Its muscular wheels can get it out of sticky situations, since they’re powered by two robust motors

The VaporizR is just the right size for taking it on vacation or grabbing it whenever you need an excuse to get some fresh air. It’s got a lot going for it design-wise, too. It has aerodynamic curves, mean headlights and a rear spoiler to make heads turn. Though you don’t have a choice between getting the blue or green one, they both look awesome.

You can get the Nikko VaporizR Amphibious R/C Car at I Want One of Those for £44.99. Right out of the box, it’s practically ready to shred terrain since the batteries and battery charger is included.

This isn’t the first amphibious remote control car ever made, but it’s certainly one of the more recent ones. In the past we’ve also featured the G-Bound R/C Amphibious Car and the R/C Amphibian.

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